Venom: Let there be Carnage

2 min readDec 12, 2021


I was pretty happy watching Venom 2, but I think my viewing was biased due to the fact that I’m very homesick right now, and they kept running around my town doing stuff. In hindsight, I may have enjoyed the first film a lot more for the same reasons.

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Venom 2 is a fairly weak film overall, though. The charm of having a demon possessing Eddie has sort of worn off, and the stream of ‘lemme eat some brains’ jokes got stale. I had the same issue with Deadpool 2, in how they had a fairly standard narrative interspersed with a ton of crass humor. After a point, you just expect it, and feel like it’s forced and manufactured. Action was fine, music was there. The film just sort of existed, and the whole thing felt like it just melted together. It wasn’t bad, though. Nothing about the movie was bad, poorly done, insensitive or lazy. It just wasn’t overly exciting, either.

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At the same time, it’s a little painful watching Tom Hardy struggle through this film as an actor. He’s a great body actor and he has range, but I don’t think that Eddie Brock is within that realm. If you’ve seen him in Bronson or The Dark Knight Rises (don’t lie to me, we’ve all seen TDKR), you know that Hardy can be a domineering, physical powerhouse. In Inception he’s proven capability in playing a classic 60’s mob enforcer type. Hell, he’s even solidified himself as Mad Max following his legendarily silent performance as the titular character. But as Eddie Brock? Nah. That shit was tainted by Topher Grace a long time ago.


I’m not saying you have to watch Venom 2, because you literally will not be missing anything, but you should also maybe sort of want to stay til the end of the movie for a teensy weensy little cameo starring a stammering, young-looking white boy.


Somehow, if you live in Philadelphia, you can watch Venom: Let there by Carnage in theaters??? But also rent it on Spectrum or various other sources.

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